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Rahim Elibigi – Partner & General Manager

Mr. Rahim Eilbigi Dehkordi is a partner and General Manager of the firm Afrah al Khaleej. He started his career as a young entrepreneur in 1985 in Iran. With complete self esteem he created his own venture with the main focus on the paint market and delivery of innovative products for the paint industry.

In 1991, he immigrated to Kuwait and worked vigorously with a number of people. He strived and made successful collaborations to built relationships which then helped him to be a part of business in building materials, paints, tools and power tools.

Over the time he accelerated in his work and expanded the business terrifically and became a representative of many world famous brands. In 2018, he also added manufacturing in his business, where dedicated facilities for mesh production have been built in order to ensure supply in the markets of Kuwait.

Today, he is leading and running a company that employs 160 employees who proudly work for Afrah al khaleej.

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