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About Us

Welcome to Afrah Al-Khaleej Company, your number one source for all kinds of Construction & Building materials. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of materials/items with a focus on customers dependability and service.

Founded in year 1990 by Mr. Mohammed A. Al-Qabamdi with his partner Mr. Rahim Eilbigi & Mr. Ali Raham Eilbigi, Afrah has come a long way from a 1 store to 9 warehouses/ stores on different locations in the city of Kuwait.

We are wholesale and retail sellers of All kinds of Building materials, power and hand tools, sanitary wares, paints and lacquer thinner, plywood, wood and steel and safety materials.

From past 30 years, Afrah is serving their customers with full integrity and trust. We believe in ‘ A Satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all’ and thus never let our customers down. We make sure to provide the best in a fair price to our customers.

In Kuwait’s competitive market, we offer a good range of items to make our customers choice easier.

We have a staff of nearly 160 employees, all with continuous development and motivation , with full enthusiasm works on customer satisfaction and treats everyone with respect and dignity. We strictly follow our business ethics, and never leave any loose ends.

Our customer’s continuous support have made us achieve what we are over the past few years. It is fair to say that our customers are the pillars of our business and it’s them to whom we offer our humblest gratitude. We pledge a Thank you to all who have been dealing with Afrah and helping us grow more. And we also welcome those who are interested In helping us for our future developments.


Meet Our Team

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